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Proudly Offering TitleMax® Car Title Loans and Pawns

When you need money in an emergency, time is often an important factor. TitleMax® understands this and as a leading provider of car title loans and pawns, customers appreciate their fast, simple application process. One of the first questions that you’re likely to ask when considering a title loan or pawn is, “How much will I be able to get?” To answer this question, you will first need to do a vehicle appraisal. The assessment of your vehicle and its condition are primary factors in determining the amount they can lend to you. TitleMax® is always working to make it as convenient as possible for people to get the money they need, and that includes the vehicle appraisal process. That’s why they have partnered with us, Dallas Pack & Ship Center in Dallas, TX.

Dallas Pack & Ship Center Has TitleMax® Authorized Appraiser's On Staff Ready To Serve You

When you visit Dallas Pack & Ship Center, a TitleMax® Authorized Appraiser will carry out your vehicle appraisal with a quick assessment, usually completed in just a few minutes. Once the auto appraisal is complete, TitleMax® will be sent the necessary vehicle information so you can apply for a car title loan online. You can complete the process quickly by calling (844) 390-1570. A TitleMax® representative will walk you through the online origination process and get you the cash you need usually within the same day! Once approved, we help you to access the money you need quickly!

What Is A Vehicle Appraisal?

A car appraisal is an assessment of your vehicle in order to determine the vehicle appraisal value. Vehicle appraisals can be performed on most vehicle makes and models. When appraising your vehicle, the year, make, and model are taken into consideration, as is its condition and mileage. The color and additional features may also factor into the assessment of your car or truck appraisal.

What Are TitleMax® Appraisals &
How Can It Help You Get The Money You Need?

Dallas Pack & Ship Center streamlines the application process by making it easy to complete those first steps of getting your vehicle appraised and submitting that necessary information to TitleMax®. As a customer of a business like ours that also acts as a TitleMax® Appraisals location, you can have the vehicle appraised right here while conducting your normal business. With a TitleMax® Authorized Appraiser on-site, we can conduct a quick assessment of your vehicle beginning by taking pictures of your vehicle and submitting them, along with the appraisal of the vehicle’s condition to TitleMax®. In addition to helping you with the vehicle appraisal, we will also collect your car’s title and other required documents and will then mail the items to TitleMax®. While the appraisal of your car is being done, you can complete the online application process over the phone with a TitleMax® customer service representative.

If you find yourself in need of funds, don’t just ask, “How much can I get?” Instead, head to Dallas Pack & Ship Center to get started right away!

TitleMax® offers loans and pawns with your car title at competitive rates with convenient payment options and a high level of customer service. Visit Dallas Pack & Ship Center in Dallas, TX, a TitleMax® Appraisals location, today for an auto appraisal and to complete your application. We look forward to serving you.

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